General Policies


  • Non-refundable deposits are required for all bookings, payable by e-transfer at the time of booking.

    • This solidifies your appointment day and time!​

    • Wedding Deposits: Deposits are required for all bridal parties. To be eligible for the discounted trial rate, a deposit must be paid in full prior to booking a trial.


  • Rates are subject to change at any time until a deposit is received. Once a deposit is received your prices are guaranteed to remain the same.

Travel Fees:

  • Locations outside of London, Ontario will include a travel fee per kilometre. Bookings less than four applications within London will include a travel fee.

    • Travel fees cover parking costs, time and distance travelled, and gas consumption​.


  • All tools and makeup products are ensured sanitary.  All products used are sanitized between every makeup application.  Any skin conditions or sensitivities should be reported to Catherine Krahn Makeup Artist prior to application. Catherine Krahn Makeup Artistry is not responsible for client allergies or sensitivities concerning the makeup application during or afterwards (including unknown allergies to products or tools used). A sample test of makeup may be performed, if necessary.  It is the client's responsibility to inform the artist of any allergies or sensitivities.

Appointment Policies


  • Payment is required at the time of appointment. Cash only (no change will be provided).

    • E-transfers will be subject to 13% tax. No personal cheques.

No-Shows and Cancellations:

  • Please inform Catherine Krahn Makeup Artistry if you are unable to keep your appointment date or time. Rescheduled appointments are based on availability.

  • Deposits are non-transferable for no-shows and cancellations. Deposits may be transferrable, as per Catherine Krahn Makeup Artistry's discretion. 

  • Wedding Party Cancellations: Deposits are non-refundable for all bridal party cancellations. A 50% refund may be provided, as per Catherine Krahn Makeup Artistry's discretion.


  • Clients are considered late after 10 minutes. The acceptance of late clients will be determined based on time availability before the next scheduled client.

    • Please inform Catherine Krahn Makeup Artistry if you anticipate being late for your appointment.​

Appointment Changes:

  • One week notice is required for any appointment changes, including date and time. Cancelled appointments forfeit deposits paid.

Right to Refuse Service:  

  • If Catherine Krahn Makeup Artist deems an appointment uncomfortable, threatening, or physically or verbally abusive in any way, the artist will have the right to leave the premises without completing services.  If the artist feels that the client has any open facial wounds or a skin condition that could be infected or unsanitary, the artist has the right to refuse service to that client.