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Tips and Favourites: Dark Lipsticks

The number one concern clients come to me with is questioning whether or not they can pull off that darker shade. I always say, anyone can pull off a dark lipstick! It doesn’t have to be the darkest lip, just a few shades deeper than what would be considered an everyday lipstick. Then comes picking an undertone. There are four undertones to consider when choosing a dark lip; blue, brown, pink, and red.

BLUE Blue undertones are the easiest to pull off. Lipsticks with blue undertones make light and dark eye colours pop,and make your teeth look whiter!

BROWN Dark brown burgundy and brown lips are super popular right now. Darker skin tones and eye colours rock this colour. To make sure this lip doesn’t steal the show, adding neutral shimmer to the lid with defined lashes will pull your look together.

PINK Pink undertones make light eye colours pop! Similar to adding pink shadow to the lid, these lipsticks will bring out green and blue eyes.

RED Red tones, especially dark ones, look amazing with darker hair. Lighter hair colours can wear a lighter shade but can often become too much of a focus.

To find out which undertone is right for you, try them on! Even if you think you don’t know anything about lipstick, or makeup in general, you will know when you put on the perfect lip! If it brightens your face and makes you feel good, that’s the one. Then comes application when lipliner will be your best friend. I usually use liner first, following the natural lip liner then filling in the entire lip. This will make sure your dark lipstick doesn’t bleed and make the colour last longer. Plus, if your lipstick starts to wear off, the liner will be there underneath to make that less awkward. then, applying your lipstick straight from the tube will make the colour more intense while using a lip brush will give you more control. It’s totally personal preference. After applying the lipstick, go back with liner and reline your lip, to clean up any edges that the lipstick may have smudged.

PRO TIP To make your dark lipstick perfect, take a clean, small brush and line your lips with concealer.

My Favourites NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in “Damned” It’s the application and colour pay-off of a lipstick with the convenience of a pencil. I often wear this burgundy red shade without a lipliner since it’s long wearing and the pencil form allows for precise application. It’s a matte shade that is super comfortable to wear.

BITE Cashmere Lip Cream in “Bordeaux” Love this product for a more purple toned lip. The cashmere lip creams are a “cream-to-powder” product, making it super long wearing. It applies like a gloss with extreme pigment. I like the slightly longer applicator because it’s easy to control but also applies product smoothly and evenly over the lips.

MAC Cosmetics “Media” My go-to dark lip! It’s a satin finish, which I believe has the pigment of a matte without the dryness. “Media” is a touch more purple than “Diva” and works on most skin tones. Lipliner is a must with this lipstick. I usually use MAC’s “Vino” or “Nightmoth,” depending if I want to pull more red or more purple out of the lipstick.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in “Transylvania” I’ve mentioned on my Instagram before how I don’t love the formula of these products, yet this one is slightly different from others I’ve tried. Usually, these lip creams go on patchy and are extremely drying, even after using a lip primer (I use MAC’s Prep+Prime Lip*). Yet, “Transylvania” goes on beautifully at first. The colour is an eggplant shade and looks almost like suede on the lips. Plus, it smells like vanilla which is amazing. Although these lip creams are advertised as long wearing and moisturizing, I find they crack and fade quickly and feel so dry. I’m curious if any of you have tried these products and how they wear! Let me know!

Anna Sui Lipstick in “001” It’s black. Like, really black. This might not be your jam but if you want to rock a black lip every now and then, this one is literally perfect. It’s so creamy and intensely black. The formula can be a bit slippery so a liner underneath will help (I use a black eye liner). I have only good things to say about this lipstick, honestly! Plus, I got mine at Winners for $14. Amazing.

PRO TIP Like I said in my previous blog post, primers are the easiest and most effective step in makeup application. Lip primers are the same deal. These primers will moisturize without making the lips slippery like balm would. They will ensure your lipstick goes on smooth, prevents feathering, and makes your dark lipstick last much longer.

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