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Bridal Makeup: How to Prep for the Glam

Wedding season is almost here! Wedding vendors are gearing up for a busy summer and I'm sure those of you in the process of planning your own wedding are too! From flowers to venue to food to *the dress,* this post is designed to help guide you through your bridal glam.

After reading this post, if you have any further questions, feel free to leave a comment below!


6-8 Months To Go

- Establish your skincare regime. Whether it's with products you are already using (and hopefully ones that are working for you) or adding different products, do this well in advance to allow your skin to adjust to any changes.

- If you aren't already, this is a good time to eat right, wear sunscreen, and drink lots of water daily! These three things can be more effective in the look and health of your skin.

4-6 Month To Go

- Mask 1-2 times a week. Whether you prefer sheet masks or traditional wash-off masks, choose masks that target your skin concerns. Hydrating, smoothing, and radiance masks are perfect at this time!

1 Month To Go

- Don't make any changes to diet or skincare.

- Focus on getting lots of sleep!

1 Week To Go

- Shape brows (especially if you go the waxing route, be sure to give your skin time to heal if the wax is irritating or you have sensitive skin)

- Double check that you have your lip colour, touch up powders (if needed), and false lashes if you chose your own.

Day Of

- Go to bed early and wake up to a big glass of water!

- Cleanse and moisturize your face and body.

- Then get excited for the big day!

Esteem Artistry Bride, Ashley, looking bright and hydrated!

Stay True to Yourself

If you don't wear makeup on a regular basis, go for a natural look. If you rock full glam everyday, go glam!

Don't feel pressured to go for a bridal trend look. During your trial makeup, talk to your makeup artist about your everyday routine. Your bridal makeup will naturally be more makeup than your everyday, but it will still look exactly like you!

If you love the full glam, let your makeup artist know which specific aspects of glam you love, whether it's huge lashes, mega highlight, or a dark smokey eye.

What is important here is to stay true to yourself. This is your day and whatever makeup look you want to go for, as long as you will be comfortable in it for one helluva long day, you do you!

Esteem Artistry Bride, Melanie, went for a fresh, natural look with lots of lash!

Inspiration Photos

Photos are a great reference! But don't expect your face to look exactly like the photo. With inspiration photos, I always ask my brides what drew them to the photo. Was it the colours, the eyeshadow, the lip colour, or the eye liner? Often, we will take that as our inspo and tailor it to you.

What is important here is to not have expectations that you will leave looking like a carbon copy of the photo. Inspiration photos are often used to understand the vibe of the look you want.

Esteem Artistry Bride, Corinna, went for a soft eye, killer brows, and deep lip!

Choose the Right Artist

Every artist has their own unique style which is why I love makeup so much! In this crazy world of Instagram and Facebook, you can see different artists' portfolios easily. You will notice each artist's style, whether it's natural or dramatic, which can help you choose accordingly.

For example, my bridal style is bright and blended and leans towards to more natural end of the spectrum. That style may not be for everyone but if that sounds like you, we could be a great fit!

That being said, if you like an artist's style but want it, say, a bit darker, that is where your trial application is most important. Plus, your artist will probably thank you for wanted to switch it up!

Bride-to-be, Jordan, and her trial before and after. We went for rose-tones on the eyes and glowing skins - both favourites of mine!

False Lashes

A must! This is one area that may put your a touch out of your comfort zone. Many people don't wear lashes on a regular basis, but wedding day lashes will make your look pop.

Most artists stock wispie lashes with a thin band that compliment every eye shape and are comfortable to wear. If you do want a more dramatic lash or you are partial to a particular style, you are always welcome to pick up your own lashes.

If you are wary of the false lash, your trial application is the perfect time to take them for, well, a trial run! I recommend wearing your lashes all day after your trial so you can get used to the feeling. Take note if the lashes lifted in the corners or felt off so you can notify your artist on the day.

This way, your lashes will be perfect and most importantly, comfortable!

My bride, Sarah, went for drama on the top of the eye with false lashes stacked on top of her lash extensions!

Bring Your Own Lip

I always recommend by brides pick their own lip colour. You will have it with you for touch ups during the day because no matter what you do, your lip colour will wear either slightly or off completely (especially with all that eating, drinking, talking, and kissing, of course!).

Pick a formula and colour you are comfortable in. If you don't ever wear dark, matte lipstick, now is not that time to experiment. If you love that pop of red on the lips, go for it! If you just wear chapstick, try a gloss with a tint of colour.

Esteem Artistry Bride, Julie, went for a deep berry lip with a creamy texture that will be more comfortable for long-wear!

Drink Water!

I mean, do this anyways but this step is most important leading up to a big day. Plenty of water will keep your skin plump and hydrated in ways that skincare products sometimes can't do.

I recommend carrying a water bottle with you *everywhere.* This will remind you to take sips often. Make this a habit 6-8 months before the big day.

Lots of water will give you that healthy glow all day!

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