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Everyday Beauty Hacks

1. Suffer from super dry skin or want that super dewey complexion? Try mixing a tiny drop of light oil or serum in your primer! This will give you the long lasting effect of a primer while keeping that hydrated, glowing look and works best with a silicone-based primer. Try the MAC Essential Oils with the Smashbox Photo Finish primer.

2. Get the perfect crease by placing your blending brush in your natural crease while looking straight into the mirror.

Blend back and forth with your eyes still open then look down and blend further with a clean brush.

3. Forget the tape, clean up with a makeup wipe. Before foundation, apply your eyeshadow as normal and don’t be scared to make a mess! Before applying liner, clean up under your eyes with a makeup wipe and then holding the wipe around your finger, swipe up to create a edge in your shadow. This line also works perfectly as a guide for your winged liner!

4. Claim you can’t apply false lashes? Not anymore! Apply false eyelashes easily by holding a mirror below your chin and looking down with just your eyes. Use tweezers to apply the lash centre first, then inner and outer corners.

Pro Tip: Let the eyelash glue dry for 30 seconds before applying. This lets the glue get tacky and the lash will stay where you place it.

5. Speaking of lashes, black eyelash glue will be your best friend. Black lash glue will fill in any gaps between your liner and lashes and will just add to the thickness of your lash line. This also doesn’t require too much liner over the lashes like regular lash glue does.

6. Set your lips like you set your face.

Once you’re done your lipstick, hold a tissue over your lips and pat translucent powder with a fluffy brush over top.

7. Contouring is way easier than you think!

To find where to contour, take the end of a brush and roll up from your jaw until you feel resistance - this is just beneath you cheekbone and where you should contour.

8. Get that Instagram glow.

Apply highlighter to the top of your cheekbones, tip of your nose, top of your cupid’s bow, and a light dusting above the arch of each brow up to the hairline.

9. Make your eyes pop with black eyeliner on top, white eyeliner on the bottom. Tight line the top with black liner to conceal any skin that might peak through your eye makeup. Line the bottom waterline with white liner to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

10. Ever wake up feeling super greasy? Apply dry shampoo before bed to avoid waking up with oil that you just can’t fight.

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