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February Favourites

MAC Cosmetics Lightful C Marine-Bright Spray

The MAC website calls the Lightful C Marine-Bright spray "[a] softening lotion spray infused with the active, high power of our Marine-Bright Formula and Super-Duo Charged Water. Conditions and boosts depleted skin with moisture for a smoother, more supple look. Leaves skin refreshed, exceptionally soft, more clarified and brightened. Results increase over time."

I've been using this spray to prep clients' skin for the makeup application. It's lightweight and suitable for all skin types - and I love the spray application! A gentle mist all over hydrates the skin without getting too heavy.

House of Lashes

I'm so late to the game on this one but these lashes are AMAZING! The attention to detail on each style is impeccable. The band is thick which can make application difficult but after a couple wears, the lashes will sit perfectly because the band almost remembers the shape of your eye. Also, a thicker band means you will get more than a few wears out of these.

Only downside is you do have to order them from and they do come from California. Shipping took ~two weeks but there was no duty so hurray for that! Lashes range from $9-$15USD but they do have sales on certain styles. Plus, a discount is added when you buy three or more of one style.

House of Lashes are primarily made of 100% cruelty-free synthetic hairs. The website gives band and lash length for each style and offer Lite and and Mini versions of their popular styles that vary in size and thickness.

I've been wearing the regular versions of the Boudoir, Noir Fairy, and Iconic styles and after a slight trim, they are so comfortable to wear.

My new favourite lash ever... Seriously! House of Lashes says "this amazing multi layered and multi tiered lash style is packed with as much density as the eye can hold. Noir Fairy® makes your lashes the focal point and draws attention so much to your eyes, that you might be remembered as unearthly, supernatural and awesomely sublime! 100% guaranteed thickness, length and smoulder."

These lashes alternate between shorter and longer lashes throughout giving them a dramatic flair with a natural vibe. I prefer lashes that lengthen towards to outer corner. This shape draws the eyes up and out and is flattering on most eye shapes.

My second favourite lash ever! House of Lashes says "[t]hese showstopping lashes combine a dynamic V-formation effect with a criss-cross pattern, lending your soulful eyes the boldness of history's most celebrated beauties and trendsetters."

These lashes are slightly longer and the varying lengths are thicker than the Noir Fairy style and style lengthen towards the outer corner. I'm wearing this style below and I love the dramatic effect.

House of Lashes in "Iconic"

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter&Glow Liquid Eyeshadow

Currently one of the most coveted cosmetic products - and Stila really did kill it. I picked up the shades Smokey Storm and Kitten Karma from Shoppers Drug Mart. Smokey Storm is a light pewter with silver sparkle and goes perfectly with any shadow. Kitten Karma is champagne with silver and copper sparkle.

Stila offers ten different shades and you can get them from Shoppers or online at Sephora and Stila's websites.

The square packaging is stunning and the long, flat doe-foot applicator makes using this product super easy. After I finish my crease and outer shadows, I brush it on with the applicator and blend the edges with a clean brush. Work quick - this stuff dries fast and doesn't move once it's set! I like to apply a second layer once it's dry, just in the centre for a more intense sparkle.

I have heard that these wear best with *no* eye shadow primer underneath but I have worn it for 10+ hours and found only a little sparkle fallout at the end of the day. I'll have the test the no primer theory but we all know - I'm a sucker for primers!

Magnificent Metals in "Smokey Storm"

If you read my blog post on sheet masks, you'll know how much I having been loving The Face Shop lately. I recently started using the Bio-Cell line and my skin is even more hydrated and radiant!

This mask is unlike any other sheet mask I've tried. The sheet is a gel material that The Face Shop calls a "bio-cellulose sheet." If you find that sheet masks usually move around on you or slide off, try this line. The gel adheres so well so even when I'm laughing at myself in the mirror with it on, it stays put! I've tried the Firming and Recovery versions and after removing the mask, my skin looks plump and feels firm.

These masks come in Firming, Brightening, Recovery, and Moisturizing and are $4 each (but are usually included in sales).

Bath and Body Works

I've been a bit of a candle hoarder lately and with spring around the corner, I'm loving fresh, clean scents. I've never loved floral or dessert-type scents so Bath and Body Works new line is a refreshing change, especially from the heavy winter scents.

My favourites are Wild Sage and Aloe and Honey and Tangerine. I burn candles constantly and Bath and Body Works is a favourite because they burn evenly. Specifically these scents are not overpowering in a small room. They are fresh and light and I love the frosted glass.

Only available in the three-wick style at $22.50CAD each.

Wild Sage and Aloe

Aloe Water, Agave Nectar, Desert Sage, Black Oak

Honey and Tangerine

Sugared Honeycomb, Golden Tangerine, Warm Tonka Bean

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